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Vote Romney/Ryan

October 29, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

All men are created equal... endowed by their Creator... inalienable rights... life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness... this nation, under God... government of the people, by the people, for the people... the common defense. These are phrases from the preambles to Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence and also from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Cast your vote to take a step towards restoring these basic principles.

As you vote, please consider:

President Obama supports the idea that the government is justified in using the taxpayer money to supply entitlements, bail-outs, and subsidies without the restrictions of a budget, and in spite of the mammoth debt we will lay upon our children. (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?)

The president has made a sham of that constitution he swore to uphold by some executive orders he has issued which overreach his authority. (The national archives have a complete list.) The checks and balances put in place by our founding fathers have been circumvented by the president - e.g. waiting till he could claim the Senate was not in session to take an action. (OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE?)

President Obama, instead of protecting our borders as promised, has hampered the efforts of those living on the border to protect themselves. Our president has held out the hand of friendship to leaders of countries who have expressed a desire to do harm to us and our allies. A desire to display the situation in Libya as normal and safe, did not make it safe; our ambassador and three other Americans who lost their lives on American soil in our consulate are proof of that. Instead of projecting strength, President Obama has projected weakness. (THE COMMON DEFENSE?)

The president has supported the right of a woman to take the life of an infant who is partially born. (ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR - INALIENABLE RIGHTS - LIFE?)

Our president declared the month of June to be Lesbian-Gay-Transvestite-Bisexual Pride month. (THIS NATION, UNDER GOD?)

President Obama has resorted to name-calling in order to portray his opponent as untrustworthy. This is ironic and incongruous since President Obama himself promised to be transparent but pushed through Obamacare without transparency and didn't produce a budget which would show where the government's money is spent; he, contrary to his promise to reduce the deficit, added trillions to our nation's debt; he promised to work across the aisle but didn't work with those who disagreed with him; he promised to bring Americans together, but his administration has created a greater divide through partisan, racially charged rhetoric and class warfare.

Cast your votes to protect our inalienable rights. Vote for ROMNEY/RYAN to put America back on a path to economic stability and a return to our founding principles; vote to have a commander-in-chief who acknowledges foreign threats to our security. Vote YES for voter ID to ensure that our elections reflect the will of all citizens of our state. God bless America!

Mary Thom

New Ulm



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