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Real world view?

October 31, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I continue to read and hear about the importance of eduction of our children and adults. But, in the real world this is not the case.

Class size is one item. A high school student can easily learn and cope with much larger class sizes then 37 students. After all, when a senior goes on to higher learning after graduating, 90 days later they are probably in a class size of 50 to 150+ students. Did this present senior mature that much in 90 days? Real world?

Funding for schools is really a mess in Minnesota. The legislature has taken school funds (taxes) and used them for other purposes. They owe the schools in this state hundreds of millions of dollars. In the spring 2012 session, the legislature approved a new sports stadium and started a new revenue source (electronic pull tabs) to help pay me state's cost. If education is really that important, they should have said NO to the stadium and make all the electronic pull tab money payable to the schools. (Seems to me the present stadium is fixed and operational.)

Every single school administrator in the state of Minnesota should have been at the capitol demanding that education come first and foremost over a new sand box to play games in. I don't recall such an event happening.

Ask yourself if education really is as important as we read and hear about in the news from administrators, school boards, government officials.

Actions speak louder than words. Real world ?

Chuck Schmidt




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