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We keep sending them back

November 2, 2012
The Journal

It is one of the conundrums of politics. As much as people complain about Congress, most senators and representatives get re-elected, year after year.

This year Congress' approval rating in the polls is bouncing down around 10-20 percent. And yet, if this election is like most in the past, voters will send about 80 percent of the incumbents back for another term.

We have long opined that most voters think most congressmen from other districts are numbskulls, but they don't mind the one from their own district. Heck, the local guy may look good by comparison.

It's like government earmarks. When they go to some other state, it's pork, but when it comes here, our congressman is bringing home the bacon. Their special project is silly and wasteful, but ours is essential.

It would be interesting some time to shuffle up the congressional districts, to make senators and representatives run for re-election in someone else's state. That might result in some massive turnover on Capitol Hill.



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