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Strong school important for strong, vibrant city

November 2, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

I'm writing in strong support of the levy referendum for District 88. I have followed the erosion of support for the public schools over the past few years and am concerned that our schools will be able to provide kids with the preparation they need to compete for jobs in the 21st century. The days of finding and keeping a secure job without a strong high school education, let alone a college degree are over.

I am writing as an employer in town who wants the best for the families of our staff, as a former resident and school board member who chose to raise my kids in New Ulm and as a fan of smaller towns that offer so much but often choose to diminish the life blood of their community - the school systems. Towns without schools don't survive no matter how many retirees take up residence and no matter how many events are staged to bring tourists to the city.

As with every referendum in the past, this levy campaign pits the parents of school kids against New Ulm's retirees. Remarkably, most in the business community have been silent which is surprising to me since good schools are good for business. Candidates for city offices have listed all kinds of ideas for growing business in New Ulm - but strong school support as a business strategy hasn't been discussed. From my perspective, strong schools is the primary strategy for strong, vibrant cities.

Please vote to keep families in New Ulm and attract more families to New Ulm. Vote yes for the school levy referendum.

Jay McAninch

Centreville, VA.



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