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Time to save ourselves

November 3, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

Any responsible family faced with increasing expenses would cut their spending. But no responsible family, especially when facing an additional major expenditure with no end in sight, chooses to reduce or cut off their sources of income, and then proceed to feed their children less, ignore their loved ones' health care until an emergency, tell Grandma to find a new place to stay, and let their homes crumble without repair. If they complained about their growing debt and were angry about how bad their lives have become, but refused to go back to work to at least get the income they had before, we would call them idiots and crazy. We'd try to convince them to do the right thing to save themselves.

It's time to save ourselves.

Our country has always had debt, which presidents and legislatures have worked together to control with a balance of spending cuts and increased taxes. Through economic depression and the massive debt of war we steadily decreased our debt and experienced the "good old days" we want for future generations. That happened because we accepted the reality that taxes sometimes need to go up.

It is a fact the debt soared under Reagan's trickle-down economics. It is a fact the bulk of the debt comes from the Bush tax cuts, and grows each year Republicans refuse to raise any taxes. It is a fact that since 1980 wealth has been redistributed - incomes of the wealthiest have soared while that of the middle class and others has declined. It is a fact Republicans have refused to increase taxes and have obstructed what they used to consider common sense and acceptable actions to improve the economy, in order to improve their chances in elections. It is a fact the GOP has long desired to dismantle regulations and social programs that protect and provide opportunity for working people.

Romney and Ryan are candidates for a party that no longer accepts moderation, redefines compromise as doing what they want, and believes more tax cuts are still the answer. In case you decide to think too much about that, have you heard about Obama's wedding ring? That he hates America? That half those green energy companies went bankrupt - five out of 63 is half, right?

I am sick of the distractions - the lies, fear, and yes, hate used to influence voters. I want to move forward on the progress we've made. I want my rational, honest, caring country back. We can get there if we vote for President Obama, Senator Klobuchar, Congressman Walz, and Ted Suss and James Kanne for the state legislature.

The "Voter ID" amendment is on our ballots because of ALEC, which gives model bills written by corporations to Republicans in state legislatures. ALEC's founder Paul Weyrich said, "I don't want everybody to vote. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down." Protect your future votes. Vote NO.

Patricia Missling




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