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Campaigning is loud, voting is quiet

November 5, 2012
The Journal

For all the hooting and hollering that leads up to an election, for all the shrill campaign ads and voluble campaign speeches, the act of voting is very quiet indeed.

Being in a polling place on election day is almost like being in a library. People talk, but voices are usually quiet as election officials greet the voters and direct them to the right line to sign in, and give them their ballots. If there is a big turnout, as there will likely be on Tuesday, voters may have to wait a minute or two for an empty voting booth. Once in the booth, you hear the scratching of pens filling in the little ovals.

The voters turn in their ballots with a smile, get their little red "I Voted" sticker, and head out the door.

In the booth it is just the voter and the ballot. In the quiet, the voter reviews the choices once more, then casts the vote.

All the sound and fury of the past few months, all the millions spent on campaigns is to influence that moment when the pen hits the paper.

In the silence of the voting booth, the American voter speaks with a louder voice than a hundred spin doctors and campaign advisers.

Please remember to vote Tuesday, and make your voice heard.



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