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Religion and science

November 20, 2012
The Journal

To the editor:

This is in response to the Nov. 12 "Forum focuses on climate change and Earth stewardship."

A comment was made that scientists and religious leaders working together should not be treated as an unusual sight, especially since they have a natural overlap. I strongly support that view since it applies to the following:

1. Abortion. Science reveals beyond a doubt that the practice kills REAL human beings. DNA genetic code tells us we are not just removing a blob of tissue belonging to a woman's body; the DNA code is different from hers and reveals another human being.

2. Homosexuality. Science shows no genetic code in DNA that identifies people being born that way. The behavior is most likely influenced by personal choice and to some extent the environment in which the person was raised in.

3. Macro-evolution. . There is no biochemical evidence that molecular machinery can evolve step by step to produce new and increasingly complex genetic information systems. Stanley Miller's 1950's experiment made some amino acids; and that's about all the farther "early stage" biochemical evolution theory has progressed so far.

4. Climate change. Science seems to tell us that man made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has little or no effect on global warming when we consider:

A. Water vapor; which makes up about 95 percent of all greenhouse gas (GHG), has twice the heat capacity of carbon dioxide (CO2).

B. CO2, (natural plus anthropogenic) makes up only about 3.6 percent of all GHG., (other misc. gases make up the remaining 1.4 percent)

C. The oceans hold 60 times more CO2 than the atmosphere, and act as a giant heat-sink storage reservoir, releasing and absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere depending on temperature differentials at the air-sea interface . As sea temperatures go up, more CO2 is released.

D. The biggest factor in forcing temperature, is the sun's surface activity. Historically the mini-Ice Age from 1640 to 1720 was a result of low sunspot activity. The Medieval Warm Period 900 to 1200 AD was probably a result of high solar activity.

Besides all this; China burns more coal than the U.S. Japan and Europe combined. Consider also that China is slated to be the world's largest economy by 2016. So I really don't think we are in a position to "dictate" to China, now that we are fully hand-cuffed to a "Made in China" economic policy.

Phil Drietz




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