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What do you think of the tax increases being proposed in the Legislature?

  1. They are needed
  2. Don't tax cigarettes
  3. Don't tax liquor
  4. Tax only the wealthy
  5. Not needed, cut spending
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May-20-13 1:50 PM

Maybe there was a misunderstanding with my last post. They ordered cigarettes a case at a time from some out of state Indian reservation. They did not pay tax on them. Legally, they were supposed to pay Minnesota the tax. Eventually, the state found out and the Department of Revenue sent them a bill for back taxes.

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May-20-13 7:13 AM

I know someone that got caught ordering cigarettes from another state. They had to shell out quite a bit of money to the state in taxes. You see, you don't get to avoid cigarette taxes, or any sales tax by buying out-of-state, not legally, anyway.

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May-19-13 3:52 PM

$1.60 per pack of cigs. I predict this will lower reveniew rathen than increase revenue. Some will quit and most of the others will purchase the cigs in another state. Then the state will get no tax from the people that buy outside the state. I wonder how I get a job being a revenue forcaster. Are our elected officials really that stupid? Look at the forcast for revenue on the electronic pull tabs and then check the results. The end result is that the general fund (all of us) have to pick up the shortfalls.

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May-19-13 9:18 AM

Well as much as I love the Vikings and would hate to see them go you certainly SHOULD NOT raise taxes just to pay for a stadium that is one place you could start cutting...Paying the poloticians in office is another place that could be cut...there was NO need for their last raise for a PART TIME job...Welfare to illigal alliens is another is an EASY WAY to raise tax money ... LEGALIZE MARIJUANA and tax the crap out of it would free up money in the prison system...hey I found an ADD and CUT all in one place...maybe I should run for office...

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May-17-13 10:48 PM

Oh, for Pete's-sake, leave liquor and cigs alone. Enough with the sin taxes.

It's time we tax those boring, beady-eyed doofuses who are incapable of having any fun. I say we get the IRS's list of right wing wackos and Tea Party weenies, and tax the be-jeezus out of them.

All they are going to do with the money they have tucked away in their mattresses is give it to losing causes and candidates, anyway.

Of course, it's okay to tax the wealthy, too. Or, maybe the Founding Fathers thought they should have unlimited tax breaks. I'm sure they did. It's in the Constitution.

You can look it up.

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May-16-13 10:54 PM

Cut what? Nursing homes? Transportation? DNR? School Funding? It is easy to say we should cut spending, so long as it doesn't affect me and my family.

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