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Will Congress be able to negotiate a deficit reduction budget by Dec. 13?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Oct-19-13 11:33 PM

Which year? 2013? 2014?

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Oct-20-13 9:48 AM

Only if the Koch brothers allow them to.

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Oct-22-13 1:14 PM

Liberal and Democrats don't negotiate, they dictate.

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Oct-22-13 9:48 PM


Tea Party zealots and Republican radicals don't legislate, they attempt back room blackmail and financial terrorism.

And, fortunately, fail.

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Oct-23-13 5:20 PM

Svensota, I can only reply to your post using the current item of political discussion. A law passed contained in 2,000+ page, has generated some 30,000+ pages of rules, regulations, and mandates which have been written or been composed behind closed doors by bureaucrats who have no idea of how an insurance website should be built or how health insurance works. Both political parties are guilty but some people can't admit it. Can't wait to see what Plan B, C, D, etc. will be.

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Oct-23-13 7:07 PM

Avoice: I'm not sure you quite understand the beauty of the Affordable Care Act. It's really a sneaky way of creating another Communist stimulus program.

You see, adding a whole bunch more red tape, means adding a whole bunch more government jobs to try and figure out the red tape, which means lowering unemployment a smidgen.

John Maynard Keynes would be all aglow.

And, I'm thrilled, too. Aren't you?

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Oct-23-13 8:14 PM

I see, Comrade Svensota. NOT!

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Oct-23-13 8:39 PM

Well, buck up, Avoice. Your guys can try throwing grenades again in January. Perfect timing to kick off the mid-term elections and show the true leadership and wisdom of the (formerly) Republican Party.

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Oct-25-13 4:30 PM

So Sven, are you also thrilled that the crowning achievement of the Obama adminstration is once again heading to court ? The Unaffordable Care Act is being challenged yet again in four federal courts. Apparently your scholarly president never learned how to proof read while he was at Harvard.

Oh well, he'll still be remembered for all the debt he's wrung up.

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Oct-26-13 1:09 PM

Svensota, question for you. How ocme you have time to post? From what I am reading, all of President and Mrs Obams's contributors and friends are getting all these billion dollar contracts? Did they forget about you?

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Oct-27-13 10:09 PM

JR: "Proofread" is one word, not two.

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Oct-28-13 11:47 AM

Thanks for proofreading my post, Sven. If only Obama had someone as diligent as you when he was writing his historic blunder...

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Oct-28-13 5:33 PM

Avoice: Thank you for your considerate questions.

The little woman and I are holding out for an ambassadorship. We have our fingers crossed for Norway. That way we hope to bring back all kinds of innovative socialist ideas to implement when Hillary becomes president.

One we're thinking about is AutoAid--free American cars for everyone, even undocumented immigrants. That way we would save all those needful souls in Detroit, and at the same time, gain a few more million votes for the Democrats, especially from the 18-28 year old crowd, who are broke and working minimum wage jobs because of the Bush Great Recession.

We'll send you a postcard from Oslo.

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Oct-29-13 4:34 PM


You aim way too high. You can buy a Democratic vote for only a cigarette.

But I guess you need to keep up the liberal tradition of taking money from people who earn it and giving it to those that don't.

I don't want big brother to buy a car for me. I'd rather save my own money and buy one myself. That way I can get one without a bumper sticker with a hammer and sickle on it - and a sporty color too.

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Oct-29-13 5:23 PM

JR: We're just trying to come up with something to blunt the Koch brothers attempt to buy the government.

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Oct-30-13 9:06 AM

Buying the government is precisely what you propose to do with your free car scheme Sven. You're a hypocrite.

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Oct-30-13 5:33 PM

No, no, JR. Ya' gotta' fight fire with fire.

I don't think you're giving AutoAid the kind of deep thinking that your known for on this site.


1. The Great Bush Recession would be over in a flash as US auto company sales would soar from about 6 million to 36 million. The multiplier effect would be phenomenal.

2. Undocumented immigrants, now getting drivers licenses, would be able to use them with real cars, not just as voter identification.

3. The national debt would only go up another trillion or so. A trifle compared to the 17 bil already on the books.

4. Gasoline sales would soar, prices too, making BP and other foreign oil interests happy.

5. Road construction and infrastructure would have to be quadrupled. Good news for Mafia owned concrete and asphalt companies.

And so on and so forth.

Learn to think big, JR. Have I shared with you my brilliant and highly innovative solution to the Middle East crisis?

Just ask. I'm here to help

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Oct-31-13 1:09 PM

Oh...and it's okay if you right-wing fellows call it ObamaCar instead of the Affordable Car Act.

We lefties will follow it up with AutoAid--free repairs for everyone, everywhere. No need to call the emergency service.

Forward thinking to help The American People. That's what effective, efficient government is all about.

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Oct-31-13 1:12 PM

Svensota - even Joe Biden is beginning to look better than you.

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Oct-31-13 3:36 PM

Avoice: That was a very hurtful comment. I may have to it the "Report Abuse" button.

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Oct-31-13 4:01 PM


I'm not sure you understand all the benefits of the Affordable Car Act. For example, if you've previously smashed up several cars, you can still get a free government car. Or, if you want, you can let your children drive your car until they are 26, which will pretty much insure that your car will get smashed up.

There are a bunch of other benefits, too.

I'll let you know what they are once we pass the act and then read it.


Geez. I suppose you'll expect some sort of whiz-bang, flawless website.

Like this one.

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Nov-01-13 10:34 AM

I am going to post a remark I read earlier with a few modifications - Listening to President Obama to learn about his health insurance plan is like listening to ***** to learn about cooking.

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Nov-01-13 11:57 AM

A five star chef? Makes sense to me.

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Nov-01-13 12:43 PM

I'm sure Avoice was referring to Kim Jong-un but it was censored by Obama's buddies at the NSA.

That makes much more sense than your previous comment.

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Nov-01-13 12:50 PM

Svensota ***** commonly referred to posterior wind.

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