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What should be done about Obamacare?

  1. Give it time, it will work out.
  2. Delay until kinks are worked out.
  3. Scrap it. It will never work.
  4. Not sure.
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Nov-27-13 5:44 PM

Thanks Sven, that's what I've suspected all along. I knew Bubba was behind it, nothing but trouble that Bubba. I'm surprised Michelle lets Barry go to play with him. Thanks, I feel so much better knowing its really not his fault -it's that darn Bubba again.

Just be careful flipping your bird Sven. You don't want to get yourself burned.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and thanks for clarifying things once again. You are a real peach.

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Nov-27-13 5:30 PM

JR, The Inquiring Mind:

Oh, alright, here goes.

President Obama misstated your right to keep your health plan because he was out late drinking with Bubba and chasing soiled doves, and he really doesn't care if you get all bolluxed-up in your shorts about petty details. In fact, he's pretty much had it with all of you beady-eyed right wingers, and The Prophet (as we reverently refer to him) is planning on appointing himself to the Supreme Court, where he won't have to answer to anyone, and can tell you where to go, which will make him a happier man and will give me a few grins as well.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm busy, as I have a bird to, baste.

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Nov-27-13 1:31 PM


I get it. However, does one lie excuse another ?

Just because past presidents may have lied does that allow the current one to lie too ?

If that's the case then we truly deserve the government we've got.

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Nov-27-13 10:22 AM

Why did Bush lie about WMD's? Why did Clinton lie about Monica Lewinsky? Why did Bush Sr. lie about feeling good enough to attend dinner without throwing up on someone? Why did Reagan lie about his views on unions?

One thing they have in common? They are politicians.

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Nov-27-13 9:56 AM

Why yes Sven once again you are absolutely right - this is an opinion site. So, now that you have enlightened me as to this fact can I have your opinion on one small matter: Why do you think Obama lied about people being able to keep their existing health plans ?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Nov-26-13 6:16 PM

Svensota, I guess I will do better than the gruel and hardtack altho they do taste good if that is all you have. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Nov-26-13 12:50 PM

Well, yes...this is an opinion web site...and I do state my opinions. If we agreed on the wonderfulness of everything, JR, then the posts on this site would be even duller than usual.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Hope all those enslaved people enjoy their hardtack and gruel.

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Nov-26-13 10:02 AM


Only you can connect the dots in your special coloring book. Both Dr. King's speech and the Tea Party are nothing more than your interpretations. You share those opinions only with yourself. I for one believe that Dr. King's "I have a Dream" speech transcends time and was not meant only for blacks in the South during the 1960's. It is intended to be for all people for all times whenever their is injustice. That is the true power of his words. You can think whatever you want - that is what I choose to believe about Dr. King's words. Equality only works when it is applied to everyone.

As for the Tea Party, I see them as a "back to the basics" group wanting to adhere strictly the constitution. I respect their position because too many in Washington today want to change our principles more often than they want to change their underwear.

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Nov-25-13 11:12 PM are the exalted one growing and preparing the food and everyone else is an enslaved leech?

Give you the Ayn Rand Award for Condescending Objectivism.

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Nov-25-13 10:00 PM

Svensota - cute little post. You are sitting at the table - not growing nor preparing the food.

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Nov-25-13 8:37 PM

Avoice: Hand up. Hand out. You forgot to use that cute line about teaching a man to fish.

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Nov-25-13 8:32 PM

JR: My Weltanschauung is doing just fine. It's your bumbling interpretation of my posts that's askew.

But, I'll go slow, for your sake.

1. Dr. King lambasted white abuse, both in the South and North, in his "I have a Dream Speech". Try reading it again. He sought equality, but he was not blind to the incredible prejudice he saw, and he wasn't shy about pointing it out.

2. Speaking of which...I think a large part of the Tea Party movement is based on prejudice--a backlash by whites against minorities, because whites are fast becoming a minority. Want proof? Where is the Tea Party strongest? Who are members of the Tea Party? Who aren't? Half the time I watch Ted Cruz I'm thinking how much he reminds me of David Duke from years ago. Lots of code works. Lots of pat answers. Lots of red, white and blue b.s.

Do I need to connect the dots for you?

Guess so.

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Nov-25-13 11:21 AM

Svensota - there is a lot of work to be done. When you agree that the government is there to give a "hand up" rather then to become to a " hand out", we will be a better nation. The war on poverty was started with Lyndon Johnson and how far have we gotten six trillion+ dollars later?

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Nov-25-13 10:09 AM

So Dr. King's speech wasn't talking about equality for all people ? It is only concerning one race ?

Sven, that clearly exemplifies just how distorted your worldview really. is.

I really pity you. Thankfully the vast majority of people don't share your view of Dr. King's dream.

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Nov-25-13 10:08 AM

Svensota - who has been in charge the last five years? Who has been in charge of education the last 15 to 20 years? By the way, you had better get your plane ticket to go to the President's fund raisers today - 2 in Hollywood and 2 in Beverly Hills.

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Nov-24-13 10:14 PM


Congratulations. Being a TPer must make you proud.

I'm sure you and your fellow TPers are the only pure ones who work hard and have the one true and correct vision of the American Dream.

And, no doubt that government apartment building is festering with "enslaved people" (otherwise known as THEM, or THOSE people).

"The Nanny State" you allude to is a favorite phrase of right-wingers. However, the US of A is the least protective of its people and the most capitalistic of the world's civilized nations. (Name another, please.)

We have a horrendous number of citizens living at or below the poverty level, of which a large number are women, children and minorities. Our education system is in shambles and we are falling behind the emerging world powers rapidly. And, our infrastructure is crumbling, our transportation system is rapidly becoming outdated, and our manufacturing capability is diminishing.

So, I see work to be done. Too bad you don't.

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Nov-24-13 4:29 PM

Svensota,, you seem to label anyone who is not agreement with you as a radical or TP'er. Well, that seems to be your only excuse and easy out. What I will say the TP'ers have done has brought forth what liberalism has done to this country and it's people. Self reliance, hard work in accomplishing or fulfilling ones' vision of the American Dream. You believe the government should make it happen just as your mentor said " You didn't build it, the government built it for you". Only radical liberalism believes and practices that that policy and philosophy. Government has a place in our lives to solve those problems we can't solve ourselves but not to be the nanny state you believe in and want.

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Nov-24-13 4:14 PM

Svensota - the comment of ghettos has been proven true. Where we once had 15 or 20 homes is now a large apartment building subsidized by the government with plans for an even larger one. The government has enslaved the people to the whims of an agenda which has not solved problems but has created much larger problems which in turn the government continues to enslave the people to the whims of the government. Potentially, 120 million people will have turmoil with regards to health insurance - common sense will tell you that with out being a TP'er. The latest plan fomented by Harry Reid has created more divisiveness with in the Senate. Does Harry Reid bring up all legislation to be heard and voted on - no, only what he wants to further his power(which I might add, will be very detrimental when he is relegated to minority status) Over the past 8 years legislation that has passed has done nothing but create chaos and divisiveness in Congress and polarization between the American people.

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Nov-24-13 12:13 PM

We need a functional, reliable, Republican Party--a loyal opposition.

In the past, whenever Democrats have "gone too far", Republicans have been a wise alternative to help "pull things back".

Eisenhower in the '50's and Reagan in the '80s are perfect examples. Bush could have been that in the '00's, but failed totally.

All the TPers will do is create chaos and divisiveness. And, in the end, they will destroy what they think they are trying to save.

But, hey, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Nov-24-13 8:57 AM

Could it be that this country will continue down the wrong path until we throw the lobbyists and extreme liberal and extreme conservative politicians out of Washington? We need Moderates in Washington because that is what most of our citizens identify with. That will never happen, because PACs and rich donors don't generally support someone that isn't hardcore republican or hardcore democrat.

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Nov-23-13 4:36 PM

Amazing. N e g r o is a no-no word.

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Nov-23-13 4:34 PM

Avoice: Oh, really?

Did you bother to read Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech? He rips white prejudice pretty good?

"We cannot be satisfied as long as the *****es' basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one. We can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their adulthood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating 'For Whites Only'."

Do you think the Tea Party's vitriolic rhetoric against President Obama is purely unbiased politics?

That would be a hilarious conclusion.

The TP agenda is nothing but a fascist smoke-screeen for white prejudice.

The TPers fear THEM. They fear THOSE people. They are terrified that they are becoming a minority.

Tell me you are not one of them, Avoice.


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Nov-22-13 11:08 PM

Svensota, I think you a little confused in your post. Dr. King wanted people to be judged, not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. Your post does not reflect that but has racial overtones which are not welcome nor needed in this day and age.

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Nov-22-13 6:22 PM

Why, yes.

I have Dr. King's exact words here:

"I have a dream.

I dream that one day little white senators and little Black senators will one day learn to play together in the Senate.

I have a dream.

That one day smart aleck TP congressmen will cooperate with flaming liberal congressmen and not threaten the world economy.

I have dream.

That one day a Black man will be president and little white people from little white towns all across America will not be resentful and speak in code and watch smug white newsmen and blonde bimbo newsreaders denigrate the Black president because he is Black.

I have a dream."

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Nov-22-13 9:22 AM

So you Barrack have fulfilled Dr. King's dream ??? ...

No wonder you don't wear a hat. There isn't one big enough.

Oh, when I need your help I'll sure ask for it. Until then will you just keep your mandates to yourself ? They do much more harm than they do good.

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