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Do you agree with how the U.S. handled the Afghanistan prisoner swap?

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  2. No
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Jun-07-14 1:00 AM

"I make absolutely no apologies for making sure that we get back a young man to his parents and that the American people understand that this is somebody's child"

President Barack Obama, Commander-in-Chief

(Let the whining begin.)

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Jun-09-14 12:11 PM

Obama has a perfect record. He hasn't apologized for anything yet so why would he start now.

He can add to his already impressive resume, however.

He can include to it the president who broke the very law he signed into existence. Now that is hope and change we can all believe in.

No reason for anyone to whine, Sven. All we do with Barry is to simply continue to lower our expectations. If we can all just focus on that we just might survive until 2016.

So if the going rate for a deserter is 5 Taliban leaders, what would a real war hero go for ? 20, 50, all of them at Gitmo ?

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Jun-09-14 7:00 PM

I find it ironic how Senator John McCain criticized President Obama for negotiating the release of this POW. Maybe we should have left his sorry @$$ in Vietnam to see if he would have a different opinion.

If this man abandoned his fellow men, then let him face those charges here, back in the US and take whatever penalty he is handed by the military courts.

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Jun-10-14 10:08 AM

I suppose if you look hard enough you can find irony in just about anything.

McCain was on his 23rd mission when he was shot down. He didn't just decide to leave his post and wander off one day. He was offered early release as a POW but refused because he wasn't going to leave until all his fellow captives were released as well. For his refusal, he was subjected to severe torture. He wasn't traded for 5 high level terrorists like Bergdahl was.

Come to think of it, you have a rather bizarre notion of the word irony.

Would you want to be released from captivity if you knew it would result in 5 killers being set free to kill again just to secure your freedom ? Soldiers take an oath to protect even if it means living in a cage to protect the lives of others. I'm certain Obama has no idea what that means.

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Jun-11-14 12:14 AM

It sounds like he doesn't speak highly of the US. I also find it interesting how his dad can speak native Afghanistan languages. Just whose side was this guy on? If he is found guilty, and he probably will, gleefully he never sees the light of day.

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Jun-11-14 12:16 AM

*hopefully, not gleefully.

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Jun-11-14 7:57 PM

JR: This will come as a devastating surprise to you, but you are not omniscient. You do not know if Bergdahl deserted. You have no access to his service file. You don't know didly-squat about what happened and, most importantly, why.

You are going totally on hearsay and Faux News.

Even you would allow someone their day in court...I think.

But, you do a fine job of whining, I must admit.

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Jun-14-14 2:54 PM

Should have gotten a prisoner-to-be-named later also in the deal.

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Jun-17-14 10:15 AM

I'm not whining about Bergdahl. He should face the consequences of his actions. It is apparent he left his post and wasn't kidnapped from it. We ultimately paid a very high price for his actions (whatever they might be) and Obama also felt it was his place to break the law in doing so.

I know you like to call Bush a dimwit but I find it very hard to understand why an ivy league educated president would do such a thing. At the very least he should have brought congress in so he could share the heat with them. This is where I believe he made a huge miscalculation. I think he really thought he'd be looked at as a hero and was really looking for a win. It just really blew up in his face. Those sort of things are going to happen when you have to feed an ego like his.

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Jun-17-14 11:57 AM

Bush was Ivy League.

Maybe it's systemic.

(Oh, golly, Ted Cruz is Ivy too! We're in such big trouble.)

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Jun-17-14 8:39 PM

JR President Obama maybe an intellectual but lacks a whole heck of a lot of wisdom.

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Jun-18-14 10:17 AM


You better sit down before you read this: President Obama is now polling lower on his competency than George W. Bush after Hurricane Katrina.

Ouch, that has to hurt dude.

At least they caught that Bengahzi dude, huh ? Now let me see, he was the guy that made that video in the first place - right ?

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Jun-18-14 11:29 AM

Dude (JR),

The June 9-15 Gallup Poll shows 9% of Republicans approving of President Obama's job performance. (What a surprise, dude!)

Guess what, dude, 78% of Democrats approve and have done so for months upon months.

Enjoy the next two YEARS and four months, dude.

And, keep watching Foxy Babe News, dude.

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Jun-18-14 1:17 PM


Approval does not equate to competency. Read through the WSJ/NBC poll numbers. I was only trying to brighten your day a little.

The more things "change" the more they stay the same. I guess one day you will realize what I've been saying all along: Obama = Bush.

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Jun-18-14 5:02 PM

And, JR...

Benghazi does not equate to a big deal, much as your favorite news source would like to believe.

Republicans approval of President Obama doesn't matter squat.

And, here's some startling news for you, Bush is no equal to President Obama, much as you would like to elevate him to that status and have us of all forget "W's" magnificent "decider" decisions.

Try to understand these simple

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Jun-18-14 10:26 PM

Sven - of the 78% of Democrats who you say approve of President Obama then ask the interviewer - " Who is Barack Obama? ;<)

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Jun-18-14 11:47 PM

Avoice: In your world, I'm sure they do. In my world, they voted in 2008 and again in 2012, and I can assure you they will vote in 2016. So, get used to it.


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Jun-19-14 10:34 AM


I'm not elevating anyone. In the eyes of the American People (party affiliation aside) they are equally incompetent. You can spin it any way you like but the majority of Americans see it much differently. I suggest you take 50 cents and go to a laundromat if you need some more spin.

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