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How interested are you in the World Cup?

  1. Really stoked!
  2. Keenly interested.
  3. Mildly interested.
  4. Meh!
  5. Could not care less!
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Jul-07-14 3:07 PM

Next thing ya' know, commie-pinko-subversives who don't love the Founding Fathers (bless 'em) will be trying to switch the U.S. of A. over METRIC SYSTEM!!!!!

Pssst...I heard President Obama is going to do it by executive order.

Another great socialist idea, huh?

Oh, yes.

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Jul-07-14 1:06 PM

Now I see Sven, Futbol is only played in those socialist countries. There is no room for that sort of collective type of endeavor in the good 'ol U.S. of A.

Thanks for interjecting Michael's perspective on this. I guess that's another channel that I'll have to block on cable. The last thing I'd want is to have to go and testify in front of Senator McCarthy.

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Jul-06-14 4:56 PM

I had a long talk with MIT the other day about futbol. He was certain it was anti-American because the beautiful game was all about collective participation--that is, teamwork. The sport doesn't foster individualism and self-reliance, and therefore is just another left wing social experiment, like the Affordable Care Act.

That MIT. He has all the answers.

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Jul-03-14 3:50 PM

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Jul-03-14 9:44 AM

Yeah JR, it's a hobby.

I don't watch much sports, but I would probably rather watch anything instead of basketball. That's just me. The drain is to long, anyway. The hockey session is to long, as well. You shouldn't be able to play hockey when there is no outdoor ice in the United States or southern Canada.

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Jul-02-14 12:51 PM

More people in the U.S. watched the world cup than the world series or the NBA championship. Those kids mom took to practices & games are growing up and they still like soccer. So you can thank all of those soccer moms for their dedication for this surge in the sport.

The times they are a changing...

MCW, you watch your friends trying to pickup people in bars ??? Both funny and creepy.

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Jul-02-14 7:59 AM

I had insomnia nut then I watched soccer. Problem solved!

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Jul-01-14 8:14 PM

At least it isn't basketball.

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Jun-30-14 4:34 PM

MCW: I think you've just won the "Post of the Year" award.

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Jun-29-14 9:57 AM

If I wanted to watch someone struggle to score for 90 minutes, I'd go watch some of my single friends at the bar.

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Jun-27-14 9:25 AM

Who needs warm milk when we have baseball.

And, don't worry the TV is on a timer. Thankfully my kids know how to program the remote. Think green, unless of course you're Phil Drietz.

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Jun-26-14 4:43 PM

JR: Thanks for sharing. You are clearly a thoughtful man who takes his naps seriously.


3,000,000,000,000 people on the planet must be wrong, and only you and a few stray gophers have got it right.


On to the round of 16. (I be-lieve!!!!!!!)

And, please turn your TV off when you go upstairs to bed. No sense wasting energy.

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Jun-26-14 10:51 AM

Amen, Sven.

I guess soccer, like watching any sport, is an acquired taste. Now, will an infielder ever try to take a chomp out of a base runner to hold him on the bag ? Only soccer has an element of cannibalism thanks to the antics of Luis Suarez. How can anyone call such drama boring ???

For me, no better way to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon than to dial in a baseball game on cable. I'm out like a light before the first full count. Much later, I roll over wipe away the drool and am surprised to learn it's only the bottom of the third. Well at least it's not HGTV - talk about boring...

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Jun-25-14 10:32 PM

It truly is the beautiful game.

Think of it as baseball, with the same subtlety, but with constant movement.

I'm totally stoked. Go USA.

I believe...

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Jun-25-14 8:29 AM

Cross country with a ball is all it is. Here are the scores 1-0, 1-0, 1-0, 1-0 and 1-0.

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Jun-24-14 9:14 PM

Like watching paint dry.

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